December 20th, 2008


Miss Theo is at least talking to me today

Miss Theo is at least talking to me today, which is a good thing because the storm moving our way has morphed from a predicted 3-6 inches to a predicted 10-18 inches, with low temperature and blowing snow in the bargain ... and possibly extending into Monday morning. See:

If we disappear from the face of the net for a few days it isn't because we're ignoring you. The real threat is possibly that we'll be stuck in house and so online constantly ... you have been warned! An d quiet time is good as long as we can power our lights, since I have proofing to do of the Longeye page proofs. Wheeeeee...

The phone situation is resolved, it seems, and the cable guy's addition of compression fittings and removal of the section of cable with water in it appears to my gut, or browser eyes, anyway, to be faster most of the time. Go, team!