December 18th, 2008


Sigh of relief, and a mosaic of a day -- and no hats were lost

Me, I'm going to pour a couple celebratory glasses of wine: Eidolon pre-orders have shipped and the catalog page at has been updated... and on top of that while I was standing, waiting, at the PO I was able to use Haysus the Asus to get some chapter 37 words for Theo.... And, and, we got home from the follow-up visit with the vet, young Hexapuma showing off a "double good" ear condition on one side says the vet, though the other side is rated simply good, and draws more ear drops. And and and, after standing in line at the PO I then stood in the returnables line at Jokas, our local wine store and also the local redemption center, earning enough nickles to buy a holiday special of "Pinot Grigio Champagne" ...

... gee, I thought champagne was one of the reservee controlle terms that meant it could only be used by well-sited locals in France, for a special set of high-profile fizz-grapes. However, our sparkling Chardonnay experiment having been a success earlier this year, we'll go for it, though Rolanni is known to not care for the traditional hupped-up champagne grapes.

So, holiday wines: has anyone recently discovered a new-to-them under $10 bottle of late? Something NOT a heavy red? A little-known, fruity, but not over sweet white? Which reminds me -- how many of you remember when college kids and fans discovered Lambrusco in the v early seventies. What could we have been thinking of?

Elsewise, we're told that the storm track is coming our way for awhile, and though we expect to miss the Friday storm that might re-hit the ice-storm victims of last week... there's more coming and some of them have our names on them. Excerpts from Saturday's predictions: "snow after midnight. Cold with lows around 3 above. Light and variable winds...becoming northeast around 10 mph after midnight. Sunday and Sunday Night
Snow. Blustery. Highs in the mid 20s. Lows around 10 above. Chance of snow 90 percent." And the track may give us something for Christmas Eve and Christmas day say the folks at Wunderground, which is why I went to the grocery and did some pre-need buying of cat litter, cheese, bottled water and the like today, right after I hit the Circle K and filled up Argent the I Dare Mobile.

Oh... and an oddity. In the face of telecom confusions Rolanni has mentioned over at Eagles Over The Kennebec, I've had to turn to my rarely used cellphone, which is showing an amazing variance in reception -- from no bars to 5 bars within moments. I'm told a new tower is being phased in and something is certainly happening -- last year I could just about get one bar once a day if I stood on the deck and held the phone over my head, facing west. Who else lives in no-cell or a low cell zone?

Breakfast this morning was born of a sudden decision to have something hot in the face of the 3.2 degree (F) temperature out on the deck... so I tossed together a turkey-pastrami-and-sweet-pepper-omelet with sharp-cheddar. Good plan, and no hats were lost.
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