December 15th, 2008

Lord Black Cat

Odd night, odd day

And so Theo is up, for those who do Saltation. I went to sleep with a nearly finished chapter last night and then woke up about 1:30 AM knowing that something in the chapter was off ... and went to sleep, to wake again knowing something was off, but not what ... and wrestled myself to sleep again just in time for the alarm to go off, when in flash of insight I realized I was still not at a convention, as my last dream convinced me, but seriously needing to fix a major plot hole. One reread was sufficient to locate the problem. Fixing it.... took longer.

In effect I rewrote 2500 plus words today, and it was all my fault the chapter was late oh late.

In other news we have a report that we have modest royalties due us from our Polish editions, once we do a little paperwork dance. Well, given the paperwork, maybe they'll be here in time to buy us breakfast at Boskone.

Chapbooks ... we needed some reprinted and they were, we hoped, going to be ready for a morning pick-up in Augusta. But now I get to go to Augusta tomorrow afternoon. Wheee ... I need a commuter pass.