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it came out of the wordwork

Winter wonderland
It snowed a little last night, and then began to spit ice pellets and misty rain.

On the overnight we lost power one or twice; looks like that might happen again considering the ice we can see on the road, the deck, and the trees. Our air temp is claiming 31.2... and it is raining... wheee...

Got to go give Hexapuma his meds.

Notes on cats and other strange creatures
Yard Iggle
1. The cats -- at least Hexapuma and Scrtabble, in a rare scene of accommodation -- are watching TV together this morning -- well, cat-porn videos of a sort, filled with birds/squirrels/bugs/rats. They both have tried to get behind the TV to catch a good victim... and I guess they'll share "the one that got away" stories with each other later ... this is Hexapuma's first intro to our cat amusement videos and he's really take. Mozart deigns to yawn....

2. The Bush administration is striving to cut yet more environmental safeguards, these on the poultry industry.
I'm complaining and you can, too ... talk to your congress critters today!


I spent some time doing web-work for a company developing waste-water treatment for poultry operations and I got to say this is not a simple problem ... nor is the solution to just stop worrying about it.

3. The trees are coated with ice. So are the power lines and the cars. We're not going anywhere today unless it warms up a lot and rains. We may lose power -- those trees are bending!