December 9th, 2008


Imagine that -- we have snow


snowing again. Again they promise an inch or two.

Me, I'm trying to organize the signed Eidolon chapbooks already in house to get mailed tomorrow, or at least the first 50 or so of them. Things progress.

Hexapuma is a little peeved with us putting stuff in his ears. We are peeved with the way he shakes stuff out of his ears.

In case you didn't see it, Theo's chapter got online at yesterday, delayed slightly because the high winds in our region brought some branches down on the local cable line while I was staying put waiting for a delivery. More of Theo's adventures as soon as we can.

Communication stuff

Expect us to be offline in the face of a change to a new cable modem and other such.

Cross fingers. Last time we got a new modem I think we needed to trade it in twice more for one that worked. Note that Rolanni will also be affected by this.