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it came out of the wordwork

Hey, cool!
So there was an anomaly when I got up -- the overnight weather told me to expect a cold day today, but starting from a low in the teens.

Instead, when I got up the outside radio thermometer was reading 5.1, and by the time coffee was brewing it read 3.6 (this is F!) and now it is 2.2 ... but I wasn't sure of those temps so I took a *real* thermometer outside. You -- one with an expandable fluid in a glass tube (remember ancient history?) and that one tells me that at 7:00 AM the temperature on the deck right next to the house is 4 degrees F --that's with the thermometer having 5 minutes to adjust. The mini weather station thermometer is located away from the walls of the house and still says 2.2. Maybe next I ought to try two different liquid thermometers and *really calibrate* over a six hour span.

FWIW the current windchill in somewhat warmer Waterville is -6 so I'm guessing ours is -10.

In other morning news, our Maine Coon buddy Hexapuma is set for out-patient surgery this morning; he's been fussing at his ear and it turns out he's developed a polyp in the ear canal (something he did once before, alas) that needs to be taken care of soonest. Rolanni will be dropping the Hexacat off at the surgeon's when they open at 8:00. Good thoughts for the big guy, if you've got time ...