December 1st, 2008

Lord Black Cat

Snow, we haz it

It snowed overnight, yes. Lately, mist has been falling on the snow. Wheeeeee....

I tried taking an early morning before the sun was hinted at snow-covered holiday decoration photo or two but the camera setting was wrong -- been to long since I've used this camera and in the dark, without my glasses, the tech defeated me. Perhaps I'll post a pic anyway when time permits.

Sand truck just went by, south to north; the snow was deep enough to leave discernible tracks in ... I even shoveled the steps and a path to the birdfeeder. I did this carefully since the water content of a 31.9 degree snow with mist on top makes each shovel full feel like a swimming pool. This is not snow one can sweep away, oh no. There we go, sand truck taking the other side of the road, north to south.

Theo got online late last evening; during the day I took some time out to watch the shuttle landing, and followed a couple of football games, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner while Rolanni worked with the Fledgling re-work .. and then had to reinstall some software just when I thought we were set to post.

Coffee -- first cup -- is gone. Time for breakfast.

Right, this is being written on the kitchen table while Rolanni packs her lunch for work. SOMETHING worked of the various fixes I tried, and Haysus the Asus is on the internets wifily.
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