November 29th, 2008


Did a little work today, not a lot to talk about

Quick shots, some with notes: ... Space Shuttle action. Shuttle set for landing tomorrow. ... beautiful seaside Waterville? ... Always EXPECT and RESPECT a train...
this happened at a town we've never stepped off the train in, but which we've been through in good weather and bad, and which is notable for being in a flood plain. One of the sad things about many of these rail-pedestrian and rail-auto things I cite here is that in a lot of cases I can quickly picture in my mind where they happen. Mostly they are 100 percent avoidable.

see above:,0,4731452.story
quote from the LINK DIRECTLY ABOVE --
"When a train crushes a car, it's equivalent to the force with which a car crushes a pop can."

Elsewise, today's run to the P.O. brought with it sightings of yet another grove of trees (this is 4 in a week) cut for retail expansion. Let's hope jobs are as green.