November 22nd, 2008


It snows

Well, it snow showers. We are not expecting accumulation. I hear there's snowfall in Western Maryland, in some of the places we looked at before deciding on Maine. That's OK, really. At least it is plenty cold to make snow, and the Maine ski-slopes are filling up and open for the those so inclined.

Adventurous morning so far between another *Steve's Original Egg-and-Stuff Breakfast* and a wrestling match with Hexapuma who really, really really wanted to own the (toy) flying mouse that he'd caught, to the point of growling when we tried to take it away... sigh.

The five or six grosbeaks are gone' the Cardinals are still bottom feeding what's left in the deck. Because the bird food is nearly gone I'll need to make a run today.

Back to work for the moment.
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