November 19th, 2008


Quick notes yet again (updated)

1. I'm home. Is good.
2. Reunion was good. The internet connection at the Westminster location was better than nothing but ...extremely frustrating when the damn Dell rebooted itself without warning. Me, I was reluctant to trust the WiFi with much more than quick surfing, so there's catch=up needed in email and other stuff web-related.
3. Visited a number of bookstores on SRM Publisher and Lee&Miller business, with mixed results.
4. My last post sparked some discussion of/about Apple's business model. Guess what -- Apple is really causing people problems now and it'll get worse:
... the more I see of these DRM schemes the more it smacks of locking people in for life. We'd discussed getting Sharon a Mac, but I hope she won't go there.
5. Boskone 2009 dropped us a note inviting us to participate in programs. See you there?
6. This post brought to you by "time to take clothes from the washer and put them in to dry, take 2."
7. Back to the other keyboard work, yessir.

Right, I forgot, these links of Lee & Miller interest provided by a friend --- sigh, forgetful in my old age am I!
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