November 12th, 2008


On The Road Again

Plan is:

to the office today, home for dinner, and then on the road for my high school reunion. I know I haven't been posting much as I get office and other such in gear; part of the problem is that I want the stuff to arrive at the office in some kind of order, and order was long ago lost in the vasty Basement Redoubt, so I have to move things to get to things so I can move other things.

Do not expect a chapter of Theo this week coming; sorry.

Already today I have refilled the birdfeeders, chopped some garden stuff that needed chopping, half-loaded the car for the trip, got the very old phone from the basement working so we can have a phone at the back end of the house now that the office number is moved, and sundry other normal things like drinking more than my share of a pot of coffee ... wheee!

Oh yeah, I also posted an interview on the srmpublisher live journal page: ... please feel free to let other folks know that we're expanding the content there.

More as I can -- in theory I'm to have internet access from the motel in Westminster, but that was the theory last time and it didn't much work.
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