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it came out of the wordwork

A mess, we haz one
Lord Black Cat
As a long time reader of the lolcats at http://icanhascheezburger.com/ all I can say is:

A mess, we haz one. Or hadz one, as the lolcats might put it.

As noted in yesterday's blog account about weird tides up on the coast, there's been a storm in the area and we were working under a a high wind advisory and high wind warning on the overnight, so of course we opened the bedroom window since the temperature outside was supposed to stay above freezing (which it barely did) and the house tends toward the warm.

We slept well, so well in fact that, even with window opened a few inches, we were not able to distinguish among the wind-rush which blast it was or when it occurred. That would be the wind that took my precious 50 gallon trash container of returnable lightweight plastic bottles, tore it from it's moorings, and flung it down the deck stairs AND distributed the contents -- say a hundred or two cans and bottles -- artfully around our front lawn.

Picture the joy of me pulling on old shoes and a hooded shirt to make the downblown leaves and pine cones more common lawn adornment than the Poland Spring and Pepsi containers.

I sure *hope* I get some snow showers to make up for the damp toes!