October 28th, 2008


Will entertain suggestions

So I've been moving things, and discover that we own several thousand book jackets for various titles: I Dare, Balance of Trade, Liaden Universe Companion, and more, I'm sure.

We got these in part because we published some of them and in part because our other publishers, seeing us active in the community and doing all kinds of wonderful PR.... sent them to us.

Thing is they:

1. are paper
2. are heavy
3. need to be moved

Anyone have any suggestions of what we should do with them? I mean, yes, some *have* been used tor replace the odd damaged book jacket. But there are thousands, altogether, and the are pretty and they were expensive to print and they ought to be used. Somehow.

Next, didja see the thing on SFSCOPE about Laura Underwood's project? http://sfscope.com/2008/10/an-open-letter-to-fans-of-drag.html Give it a read if you have time...

And now, onward.
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