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it came out of the wordwork

So, yes, been away from the blog a few days.

Monday we drove about 550 miles between going for Hexapuma the new coon cat (driving to Oneonta from Albany and coming on home from Oneonta) and Tuesday was something of catching up on lots of details all around and talking to the folks in Waterville with the office to let, again, about the space they have for lease.

What does Hexapuma look like? He's only two, so he doesn't have full growth yet, but he kind of looks like:

and at 11 pounds plus he looks fairly big...

Oh yeah. Spent parts of the rest of the week looking at and fiddling with leases; yesterday we signed on a small office in not-quite-downtown Waterville. The landlord will have a cleaning crew getting in over the weekend and will do some minor repairs as well; we may actually be able to start moving things in by the end of next week. Meanwhile, watch for a moving-in sale from SRM...

More as we have time...