October 11th, 2008

Lord Black Cat

Albacon break

Rolanni, aka Sharon, is off at a panel and I've got a couple minutes before the dealer's room opens... and so:

Our trip in on Thursday was delightful, with the rainy-foggy morning we started with giving way to light and intermittent showers by the time we crossed the border into New Hampshire...and then we got to sunny and breezy weather, with the Killington to Albany segment full of bright fall colors, comfortable traffic, and due to our CD collection, a complete lack of economic tooth-gnashing.

Once in Albany, though a traffic accident in Woodstock had delayed us we were only a few moments late to dinner with Eric Flint and friends hosted by Flights of Fantasy proprietor Maria Perry ... and then we went to Flights of Fantasy where Sharon and I were part of a four way panel and reading with Eric and local Baen author Ryk Spoor.

Friday early we managed breakfast in the hotel and then dealer room set-up for the SRM table, and moved on to our 4 PM panel, with me moderating an interesting discussion about the conflicts between reader and writer expectations. The room was standing room only, which means the panel was working, and we finished up,went back to the dealers room where an extension kept it open qn extra half hour, and then did a whirlwind dinner in the hotel with friends Barbara and Judith, then to the ice cream social, and then to the art show reception... wheee...

This morning we got up fairly early, joined GoH Todd McCaffrey and a crew for breakfast, did a lightning tour of nearby Albany... and with Sharon off to the panel on dragons I'm left to staff the SRM table for the first hour or so...

If you're close, stop by the con ... we're all having a good time.
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