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it came out of the wordwork

Reviews, we haz them
Carolyn Cushman at Locus reviews Duainfey in the latest issue, giving us some hope that the book will not go totally unremarked in the genre press....

Meanwhile, over at SFREVU, there are these reviews of Dragon Tide ...

and of Allies ... http://www.sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=8175

if you happen to see other recent reviews of SRM Publisher publications, or ours, please let us know ...

This morning was frosty and clear; when I stepped out on the deck for a few moments the first sound I heard was not the usual blue jays or crows, but the clear call of a pileated woodpecker. Tomorrow morning at that time I'll probably be waiting for the arrival of the cat-sitter as we leave for Albacon.