September 19th, 2008


Always expect a train ... yet again

Hey gang, let's outrun a train ... on our bike!

Meanwhile, we finally found a video card that should boost Rolanni's old "media center" box to modern Second Life standards ... the problem is that that 250 watt power supply is rather tiny for today's graphic cards...
we shall see: it is on the way.

The more that didn't get to yesterday's post was about visiting a potential office space. I did. Decision pending. Where the heck is that flipping coin?

This just in ...


1. The space I looked at yesterday is not adequate for our needs. Stairs make the place inaccessible to
some of our friends, minions, and correspondents.

2. Cranberry chicken. That's for the ALBACON banquet

3. Turkey Day sandwich. That's for the ALBACON dealer's room lunch. Unlike some conventions, I'll have a lunch!

Other stuff:

support your local librarian:
The above link is a cash prize -- I'm sure you know a librarian who deserves recognition and can use a break.