September 15th, 2008


Wind advisory

Wind advisory because of the remnants of Ike, I suppose, yes it *is* breezy and warm and a mostly blue day with some very busy clouds.

I picked 4 tomatoes last week because of the frost warning, tonight we're expecting temps in the 40s and today temps in the low 80s... sigh. We had a tomato as part of lunch Saturday, the other three are just about red today.. but they're pretty small. Maybe a salad is in order.

Teaser went up before 9:00 if I recall correctly and today's chapter is up as of about 20 minutes ago. Go team.

Given the rainy weekend and stuff to do we stayed in and ran down to one slice of lunch meat, two slices of bread, used the last two eggs, and had to break out the back-up coffee supply.; today I have food shopping and other catch up kind of stuff to do; I've got a couple paragraphs started on chapter 27, hooray... and I might get to chess. We shall see.