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it came out of the wordwork

On The Road Again: briefly
Notes, again

Note 1.
Down to Augusta later if they confirm the part has arrived. Cross fingers.

Note 2.
Officially it is partly cloudy. The radar map agrees. For some reason the partly cloudy is dripping from the roof.

Note 3.
I may need to finish cleaning my office. Big news, right? Could be ... looks like an interview this way comes.

Note 4.
Coffee is on and burbling.

Note 5.
Theo is not talking to me. Maybe we need a chapter from Asu's view. Or a catalog of the DCCT's refrigerators...

Note 6.
Except to say i am very sorry about the state of things in Baltimore, I am not talking about the Orioles unless one lands in a tree or at my bird-feeder.