September 3rd, 2008


Moving forward and other notes

Note 1:

Another trip to the car place in order, this one tomorrow early, and it may be a long one.

We're going to try to get the in-car location device.. in this case a very simple digital direction-header compass in the mirror -- fixed. Those of you familiar with my North by Northwest post after my trip to Montreal last year may recall the joy of depending on my system... when it failed.

Rather than springing for a GPS, we'll see what the car folks can do. I'd rather not add one more layer of complexity to my trips, and over the years I've been well served by compass-heading navigation. We, shall see. If this does not produce good results I may have to go to the GPS before I wander off on a solo reunion trip to Maryland in November.

Note 2:
Longevity is good, it adds flavor. It adds character. it adds ... complexity. There's that word again. This week the problem has been discovery of a series of SRM orders that have come in under the radar -- meaning I never saw them -- because they relied on cached pages. Yikes -- Paypal dutifully added the (postage-less) orders to the income, but since the catalog never saw them, it never generated a fulfillment or packing slip.

I thought the new system was simpler... but complexity is added because the web tends to hold everything ever HTMLed in gooey tender electric arms. And then, powie, a couple of orders from catalogs I'd distributed *several mainland Worldcons ago* which apparently were unearthed as result of people going home from Denvention and saying to themselves "Gee, didn't we have something from them around here?" So, while hurricane winds may be approaching (today is wonderfully blue!) we'll try to catch that stuff up.

Note 3: ...
wonder if I can borrow the countdown gizmo there ...

Note 4:
Hurricane Hanna, oh goody. Current tracking map puts the hurricane approximately in our lap sometime around Noon or 1 PM Sunday. Been awhile since I was in the eye of a hurricane.

Note 5: If I start my tomato extravaganza two weeks early next year ... we ought to be able to grow our own in the now identified tomato zone. In the past our total tomato output some years was zapped by early and unheralded frosts...

Note 6:
Lunch is over, back to work.


Note 7:
please bring the ape back...

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