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it came out of the wordwork

So at 4:45 AM and thoughts on being awake and selling books
There I was at 4:45 in the morning, with stars overhead... and a few small meteors in the span of my ten minutes or so spent absorbing the experience. The sky was slightly bland from the humidity of the dew, and probably from the dawn too, barely imminent.

Sounds in the distance, coyotes, owls, a truck zooming along very far away on the expressway, a car on the road from Albion to Winslow, some chirpy things that were probably birds. Thankfully, no cluck from the chickens our neighbor has imported to pollute the country sounds.

A sound from behind me as I stare up: Scrabble, jumping into the kitchen window. Usually I'll take her out for a turn on the deck a couple times a day, but rarely in the dark -- and not this morning. Scrabble is very cat, sometimes chases behind me through the open door ... or struggles from my arms. In the light I can find her easily.

Meanwhile, I dunno what was up. Neither of us could sleep once Mozart jumped off the bed and began proclaiming ... something ... in the kitchen. I thought he'd caught a mouse, so got up full of chase-the critter-down energy but apparently he just needed to say something. He...went back to sleep.

Or maybe it's the excitement, since this is the "official" pub date for Duainfey. Reallio trullio, this would be a good day for you to rush off to your favorite genre shop, big box store, or local indie and buy or order a couple copies. If you've done this already, let another friend or two know, or ask your library to get a copy in.

Duainfey .. by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
# ISBN-10: 1416555528
# ISBN-13: 978-1416555520

Apparently in stock in some Borders, at some Barnes & Noble, at Amazon, at Uncle Hugos, at Larry Smith Bookseller, also at Powell's, Books-A-Million, at Chapters, and soon to have signed copies at Mysterious Galaxy. We'd like to hear reports of sightings, too -- anyone seen one at a Waldenbooks? At Tattered Cover in Denver? Toadstool Books in New Hampshire? Constellation Books (the one in Reisterstown, MD.) ... and how about Little Professor? Or maybe Greetings and Readings? Really ...get us a list of who has it an we'll post it here as time permits....

Hehe -- a search at Wal*Mart online seems to indicate they *do not* carry Duainfey. Whoa, now that's a sign of book about magic gone bad, alright. Too bad for the big-squeaky clean.

FWIW, Duainfey's been bouncing around in the amazon rankings - we've seen it in the 2000s and in the 12000s in the last week, this morning it was 8023.

And now go, spread the word about Duainfey! -- there are writers in the world and they need crunchies for their cats!