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it came out of the wordwork

And so
We're on the road early --
have to get the car-stuff done, including new headlight and oil-change and etc... and I have to go to two Post Offices, ship some stuff out, and try to stay in touch with some folks online, too, because my 40th reunion is coming up and (despite short notice, why do I always get short notice) I'm going to get there.

So, over at http://www.cafepress.com/srmpublisher we've added a few Fledgling items, expanded the korval logo things, and added some SRM Publisher logo things... and did a slight expansion of the Catwhisker.net logo items. What a *ka-yute* teddy bear!

Yes, we do want to get some quotes from the books on things ... I just need to get my templates in order.

More, later... I ought to be back by noon.

Oh yeah...

No lily, no tomato.