August 23rd, 2008


Stuff in the works

We've got stuff in the works:

despite us both still hacking and coughing we're moving forward, Rolanni is under the watchful eye of Mozart in the living room as she works on the Fledgling polish, I'm currently without direct cat assistance as I look at the srmpublisher cafepress site, soon to be upgraded, and do some research on upcoming travel.

For example:
Johnny Rockets -- none in Maine, NH, or Vermont. So when we go to Albany... how close is the Crossgates Mall to AlbaCon or to Flights of Fantasy, where we'll be signing the Thursday before the con? Can we arrange for someone passing by to bring us a shake?

Safeway --- gah, so hard research determines the best oat bran flakes in America ... come from Safeway. But, there's not a Safeway within a bunch of states. None in the Albany area? Closest is in PA somewhere? Sigh. Yikes... we're going to need care packages!

Not a day lily day. There are two potential lilies left that I can see -- none of them looks ready in a day or so, and the other.. I'm not holding much hope for since the whole of it looks misshapen, as if it just had far too many days of rain to permit it regular growth.

When a book is now our day usually includes a check in at the amazon rating system and sometimes more ... one of the fascinating time-wasters that we can't *do* anything about but which draws the eye anyway. Today we saw the book starting off in the low 5000s again; right now in the 6900s ... well, we can ask that you tell your friends that Duainfey is out there, that it's a dark fantasy exploring the edges of Fey/Regency-style culture, and they can buy it now. The more people who get it before the official publication date of September 2, the more books will show up in the first reporting period for monthly bestseller lists... FWIW, hunting for bestseller nominations is something to do on a quiet Saturday.

Oh yes, we're working up a new Liaden Universe InfoDump .. could this really be #70 coming up? ... ought to be out in the next few days. We'll likely echo or include it on our blogs so if you read Journeyman or Eagles Over the Kennebec regularly you ought to be Ok; I also usually drop a copy in rec.arts.sf.announce in case you're still old fashioned enough to follow that.

Always expect a train
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Watch the skies

We have a meeting in progress here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory following a phone call ...
expect some news this very evening. Preeeeettty Darn Soon, in fact.

Watch the Skies!
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Distant Early Warning ... March!

Right, March, as in ...

March in North Carolina.

As in StellarCon 33.

As in we're going to be Guests of Honor in High Point, North Carolina, March 13-15 of next year.

Also GoH at the con will be --
Tim "Uncle Timmy" Bolgeo Fan Guest of Honor
William Stout Artist Guest of Honor
John Wick Gaming Guest of Honor

We expect to see longtime southern mainstay Allen Wold as well as
anthologist and sometime co-conspirator Lee Martindale ...

So, road trip! Liaden Universe World Tour banners ... will be shipped.
Be there or ... be elsewhere?

Steve and Sharon

PS ... it says on site: 201 days .... so plan ahead!