August 22nd, 2008


Noted in the morning -- robocalls, Duainfey, and more

Before I forget:

robocalls on endangered list? At least some of them are .... ... and notes on a movement to derail political robocalls. All those wasted electrons!

Yesterday the lily count was 7 ... haven't had my coffee yet nor glanced outside for a fresh count today yet.

The highest amazon ranking on Duainfey we saw was 9430 and I saw and 14370. Go readers! Several FoL report getting their books in the mail already! This morning's amazon rank right now is ... hey! 8261 ... we'll take it!

#1 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Authors, A-Z > ( L ) > Lee, Sharon
#1 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Authors, A-Z > ( M ) > Miller, Steve
#27 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic

Wait, did someone finally at amazon realize this is not a contemporary? Cool!

So yes, I did get to the PO yesterday. This does not mean I'm caught up. This also does not mean the house is free of coldish symptoms. Me, I'm buying stock in premium white facial tissue manufacturers, when I get my next bonus...

Partial Catch-up Time!

I had a great time in Denver but got weighed under when it came to reporting. Then, I sneezed my brains out, so I'll probably still miss stuff, but... random things I noticed or had thoughts on:

Denver Amtrak station -- help, you needz it. The great vault of a ceiling is very fancy and makes your PA speakers useless. The people shouting from floor level aren't an improvement. What you need to do is hang flags of all the states, or maybe flags of all the cities AMTRAK serves, from the ceiling to absorb some of that echo.

Denver 16th Street Mall: the thing really feels friendly and laid back until the the packs of bike-police in black come by, and then you wonder what's up. That SWAT look is *so* last century.

Denvention's Fan Hydration Device was very useful. *IS* very useful. TY!

I never got a good look at the art show at Denvention. Gah! Too busy for the artshow is *too* busy. Note to self: Must make time at Anticipation.

Question for readers -- we're looking for Safeway *store*. For argument sake let's say we live in the PO Box headquarters ... well, let's call it Waterville, ME, 04901 ... so is there a Safeway anywhere close to our route to, say, AlbaCon? There seems to be a Safeway listed in Bangor, but I think it is a ghost, or a potato-buying office.
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