August 19th, 2008


Well, that's interesting It must be September 2 already ....

September 2? OH well.... now see this -- is apparently busily shipping Duainfey, --
which ought to gladden me mightily -- except I thought I had a couple more days to recover from the cold and get some PR things in train.

Pfui. Not only that, this will likely hurt the reporting for Locus and other sales lists since the expected "everything hitting in September effect" is now going to be spread across a couple months. Hah ... So much for planning ahead .... may be selling Duainfey right now, too -- hard to say, what with the split personality of the "usually ships in 2-3 days" and the listed September publication date.

Reviews of Duainfey are coming in fast and furious, with LJ giving it a nice one (part of this bundle --

lily count: 4

Oh. right.... Saltation was updated yesterday, more to follow within the next seven days...
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