August 17th, 2008


Under the weather still

Things move on. Yesterday there were 5 day lilies. Today there are 4.

Horsepeople rejoice! Champagne is real!

Last night managed about 10 hours sleep, and woke up tired, more coughs than seneezes. Boo.

I forgot to share the neat personal piece of art I got at Denvention from Mr. Howard Tayler, who sat not 5 feet from me in the front row of my first panel (I was moderating, but the crew was bold so that was good) of the con, scribbling away the while. We first met Howard at PenguiCon, or maybe it was at Trin*o*con ... some time back... and it was good to have him at the panel...

and this is not a good day to send us an urgent email since we'll likely nap through it.