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it came out of the wordwork

"Oh honey, you sound horrible!"
"Oh honey, you sound horrible!" ...

Gee, thanks Mom....

but really, this morning I called my mother, as I always do when we return from a trip. Her first words are quoted above... and that's a capsule of the last few days. Denvention's bustle left me with a cold that started to work on me the Saturday of the con; the last couple days of travel were mostly spent sneezing, coughing, and trying to sleep. Sharon and I usually switch off every hour or two when driving, but she spent a lot more time behind the wheel on last night's trip home, with me taking the last 90 minutes or so of night driving to get us home...

On the other hand, Denvention itself was a hoot; we saw a lot of folks we haven't seen for awhile, took part in some great panels, unveiled a very little bit of an upcoming project at serialuniverse.com, had a Friends of Liad breakfast with thirty people attending, and over all had a great time.

Too many sneezes in a row now ... More after a nap.

Today's day lily count: 4.