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it came out of the wordwork

Walk walk walk
Our round-trip to the dining car was something over a quarter mile IIRC, with this morning's breakfast a treat since we found Jo Walton also waiting in the observation car and she joined us...along with a returning Denver resident who was pointed our way by the dining car steward to fill the 4th spot.

Conversation topics included bird-watching, wild animals of Scotland, the joys of train rides, books out and due, potential program items for *next year's* Worldcon, and breakfast teas.

Denver arrival was several hours late, mostly due to inherited lateness from the DC train, we heard. This trip we were in the closest "roomette" to the engine on the Lake Shore Limited stage and the farthest roomette from the engine on the California Zephyr stage...

Arriving finally in Denver (at 4 hours before official check-in time) we asked and the hotel managed to get us in early, which was great since we needed a break. We got into the room, tested the air conditioner washed faces,and into th wide world again, hitting registration during a lull, spotting Rusty Hevlin, Gay Haldeman, and Gay's cousin soon after we got our name badges. Turns out we *do* have an official signing as well as a long reading... weheeee....
and then, having purchased an over-priced water to keep us going, we explored near-space Denver, which looks like heck of a con location.

The pedometer says I'm at 3.84 miles for the day, but we'll be walking out to dinner,RSN.

Are you in town for the con yet?