August 4th, 2008


So far so good

So we home left two hours early, a calm sight-seeing trip to make of the start of the Denvention tour. We arrived with a few minutes to spare before train-boarding, only to discover that Amtrak needed to reissue our tickets ... and they'd moved the baggage check so I needed to run up and down a couple sets of stairs to check the through baggage.. .

In between we got to drive through a torrential downpour, we managed to avoid a kid in a sport car who ought to rounded for life for driving that way (we hope he and all the passengers in his roofless car were swimming in the rain)....and we got to wait. Well, there was so motionless-on-495 time, and some 2 mile an hour time. Boston traffic is to be avoided, yessir. Thankfully I knew the-trip routing software sometimes misrepresents
merging highways as turns and so managed to avoid the left-turn it mandated in favor of the right turn that got us to the station.... wheee.

I tried to connect via WIFI at the Amtrak station in Albany-Rensselaer...and the only thing that wanted to work was a hokey adhoc FREE PUBLIC WIFI OPEN TO ALL....meanwhile what was apparently the *real* WIFI kept trying to do a redirect based on me running an AP_MAC...

No such problems at the AMTRAK Lounge in Chacago, nosir, though we did get in about an hour and a half later than predicted, which was not a problem.

Lunch, and some story notes. and then we'll see if there's more time to play on the phosphors.
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