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it came out of the wordwork

Busy packing and getting sorted
Our most recent trip to the vet left Mozart unhappy with me, but with some medicine, and then Sharon took him home while I wandered off to the PO to try to get a bunch of supplies and books properly posted so we can have them at Denvention.

Note: this trip will mark the 34th anniversary of my first Worldcon trip. Today's icon shows me prepping for that trip, the photo was taken at the UMBC SF Research Collection's quarters, lovingly called the bowling alley by those who worked there. The mostly complete Lee & Miller schedule for Denvention can be found... on Rolanni's blog... http://rolanni.livejournal.com/348746.html

I've spent about 5 hours in the last few days getting my pre-paid cellphone minutes registered; I'd re-upped a few months ago and just recently noticed that the phone was still showing that it would time out about the time we'd be eating dinner on the train out of Albany on Sunday. I'm slightly dyslexic; imagine my absolute joy at navigating a series of "press these numbers (a list of 20 numbers followed) in this order then press *# 43 OK and after that press *#42, select code and put {this list of 20 numbers}" ... and in the midst of one such batch the phone ran low on battery power so I had to do it all again, having not noticed the battery level. Huh, obviously I am someone who uses the cell rarely .. but that's because where I live there are lots of places with no signal at all. I still don;t have texting set up on the phone, am will work on the voice mailbox later today, cross fingers. So after dealing with all these number pages and etc it appears I magically have around 30 hours of prepaid talk, which ought to hold me, I guess.

Today's lily count: 3

You didn't ask, but: I've been quite pleased with http://www.jamendo.com/ ... free music, and user supported music, is good.

Space music? Well, here's one I have on now ... http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/28532

Duainfey was posting a 35,000 plus rank earlier at amazon, and now is running around 29,000 and change ... keep on ordering! On bn.com., alas, the numbers were in the 80,000 range, sigh...