July 31st, 2008


And with a rush -- and thanks -- on my birthday

Whee ...

yes, thank you guys for the birthday wishes in the FoL list, and private email, by US post office..., on other blogs, and etc. Best wishes are appreciated!

Meanwhile, day lily count is six. I think that's 15 on the year.

Remember Mozart's recent trip to the vet? This afternoon he goes back. Whatever we tried to get fixed last week has come back with a vengeance and we're more than a little concerned seeing we get out of there this weekend to go to Denver.

I did want to mention that 35 years ago, today, I'd have just about been awake at this hour in Seattle, and would arrive at the Clarion West workshop common room at 9:00 sharp .. .I think it was sharp, anyway. Which brings me around the the Clarion West Write-a-thon...
wherein I admit that although I've written about 10000 words during this 5 or 6 weeks... none of it was the project envisioned -- well maybe 600 words or so. Mostly I've been doing the last few Saltations and also bits and pieces of these other ideas which might just be the original project ... many of these ideas stem from the poll we did awhile back on what does near future mean to you .... SO:I mentioned this project here
http://kinzel.livejournal.com/195539.html but you can just go to http://www.clarionwest.org/events/writeathon/SteveMiller ... and please, look around... and if you like the idea of nurturing young writers you can use the forms on that page or you can send to

Clarion West
340 Fifteenth Avenue East, Suite 350
Seattle, WA 98112

and mention my name.

So far my name is on a few million words of published science fiction and fantasy, and we've got contracts in house to get another few hundred thousand words out there by 2010 -- and Clarion West helped me ... who knows who might be waiting in the wings?
Lord Black Cat

Birthday stuff ...

I've had a number of birthday presents arrive today, not the least of which has been the greetings from LJ here and on other journals, and from various readers -- we have a rainy, gray day here, so cheer is good.

The most recent birthday present? Our author's copies for Duainfey arrived just ahead of a roaring thunderstorm -- entirely appropriate for the book. The cover is simply amazing in person. Even the spine is readable at 5 paces!

Dinner's next. Catch you all later.
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