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it came out of the wordwork

Various busyness
Lord Black Cat
The Friends of Liad got a brief note about upcoming projects -- if you're coming to Denvention watch for the Liaden Universe (r) Pinbeam Quarterly for details ...

Meanwhile, we had a day lily yesterday and one today, so the beat goes on. Looks like quite a few will pop when we're gone ... wonder if our catsitter will keep track for me .... sigh. Day by day ...

Been busy here, what with getting Theo in trouble, making and consulting on the various fliers and what not, trying to keep in gear. Looks like tomorrow or Wednesday will see a great mailing to Denver ...

Realio trulio ... we're down to one or two spaces for the Friends of Liad breakfast at Denvention. We're working to see if we can add a few seats, but in the meanwhile, do rolanni know if you're interested! We also have word that breakfast can start a little earlier, so we'll see if we can make it by 8:00 AM or so, that's Saturday 9, in Denver. (yes, I know, that's an early morning after a night of party, but hey, that's Worldcon for you, and since we'll be coming from the East Coast, it'll not be too bad for us.)