July 26th, 2008

Second Life

Day lily count and more

Up early -- looked out the kitchen window, and saw the day's single lily. Got coffee and rushed off after breakfast to the PO where I was second in line with a bunch of SRM Publisher packages and had a minor rules run-in with a PO purist telling me that I use too much tape on my packages, or that the package was too fat -- but who couldn't provide me with chapter-and-verse on this. Flat rate envelopes .. .are they flat rate or not? Or must they not be deformed, in which case most people are doing it wrong...

After the PO I zoomed up to the used-bread store above Fairfield, noting that yet another restaurant in the mock-old-fashioned-cabin has gone out of business. Pity, that. The lady at the used-bread store says that business is booming for them - after all if the bread costs $2.95 to $3.95 in the grocery and is 2/$3 in her store, you can tell who has good value. We have three used-bread stores in the greater Waterville area and we've been using them more often these last months as the cost of gas has gone up....

Thence, in short order, to the hair cutters of choice, also in Fairfield, where Sharon had arrived a few moments before me but was not yet begun. Trimmed, my cut was first, I was out fairly quickly, and then to the store to do fill-in-the-blank shopping, though I'd left the list on the refrigerator. Sigh... still got most of what I thought we should have, came home, and by the time I'd put the food away it was time to start lunch, which by the time it was done was a sort of stir-fry of apple/garlic sausage with broccoli, chives, diced potatoes, and sweet-peppers, in olive oil.

Along the way I discover I am moderator of record for two panels at worldcon this year.

Some computer work done, a short visit to Second Life, some correspondence, a nap ... and zoom, time to get back to work. The day is warm, breezy, brilliant, and dry ...

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