July 22nd, 2008


Before the coffee is finished

Weather news, complete with flying pigs...


More flying stuff ... well, maybe not. Software patents again screwing around with the internet:
these folks apparently have claimed to patent the online wishlist and want everyone to give them money...


so if you have any prior arts you can recall, like a wishlist on a BBS years ago, you might wasnt to mention it on groklaw....

I'll be back in a few, after I finish the coffee.

Home part of the day, at least, I am.

and thanks for the help with the Lyme disease references ...
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Quick Notice for Liaden Universe fans ....

For those of you interested in having new Liaden Universe t-shirts, coffee mugs, and the like, we have word from our Cafe Press provider that prices on many of those goods will be going up as of this coming Sunday night/Monday morning, July 28. A quick glance shows that some items will only be going up a quarter or two, but others will be going up by a few bucks or even more. if you're in the market, visit

Meanwhile, if you're in Europe you might want to look up our interview in Phantasticsh! No. 31. In German, conducted by Dirk van den Boom ...
http://www.phantastisch.net/ is the zine's URL but I don't think the interview is online.

GPS preference questions

Hi there, traveler ...

have you got the blues?

You say that roads you used ten years ago now go someplace else?
You say that roads you never heard of go where you want to go?
You say that roads that used to be friendly local scenic byways
with speed limits on the slow side of 40 now sport dazzling multi-span three-high bridge interconnections
with 8 lane roads that didn't exist in 1997, all moving at 78 miles an hour wall-to-wall?

is that what's troubling you, Bubby?

In other words, while we were never lost, we were discommoded several times by the rapid change in roads; we came across places where the road we needed to be on was now... continued on the other side of a superhighway, with no bridge to be found... and where the cross street now feeds a barrier littered road with one way signs and a mile-long Robin Hood's barn round-trip to go 40 feet.

So, talk to me of GPS, and of features. I note we have no bluetooth phone, so we prolly don't need that, eh? And who expects the map to sing? Not the most urgent feature for us, that ...