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it came out of the wordwork

Connectivity and other unrelated issues
I'm reporting a lack of Theo for Monday ...
family business took more time and was far more complicated -- -- and hence time-consuming--- than expected ... please check kinzel's blog if you're interested. We have been thinking about and discussing Theo .. but the words are not pixelated yet, which we much regret.

Soon as we can,we promise .. .reporting from a semi-disclosed location on the road home to Maine.

Lyme disease pointers please
In the midst of all the celebration of my mother and step-father's 50th anniversary we discover a family member(neither of us), is diagnosed with AND suffering very much from Lyme disease to the point of being unable to travel 8 miles to be part of an event months in the planning.

We are looking for non-generic Lyme disease information, that is, for information and resources proven useful for someone you know, if not yourself. The victim is male, in his early fifties, generally an active and rugged out-door type with wide ranging interests... who is recently reduced to "hurting in places he didn't know he had" ... as his son reports it.

Generic information or resources localized for Maryland or the Mid-Atlantic might help as well.

We're on the road, have had a very mixed connectivity weekend, and may not be able to check in again until Tuesday or even Wednesday.