July 16th, 2008


Approaching the weekend, with catch-ups

Argent (the Subaru) got a much-needed refurbishment yesterday while Rolanni was having the hole in her head fixed... that's because it is getting to be road-trip time again... So, don't tell my parents, but we're heading their way for the party my sister has planned for them ... which means we'll be dependent on drive-by connectivity again, RSN. Wish us luck! Watch for news from the road.

Meanwhile, Andre the PHD Web guy has come to my rescue with the SRM Publisher catalog, where minor-appearing but important changes have been made to assist and clarify access. Go ANDRE!

Now, I have to go back into the works to fix a finger-fehler that reset a bunch of "available to all" titles to "wholesale only, please buy 20." Sigh... Visit srmpublisher.com where I'm trying to catch the glitches before we hit the road to the south.

The day-lily count will begin soon. For some reason ours are very late again this year, but there's already a dozen stalks showing and probably more on the downhill side I can't get to without fighting through the English roses ... and that's bad plan because the roses *always* win, you betcha. Since each stalk has multiple blooms... it oight to be colorful. The thing is that with our travels, especially the Amtrakking that's coming up, we're going to miss some of them, so the lily count will be off for the year. Sigh.

Denvention is approaching. That's WorldCon in SF community shorthand for World Science Fiction Convention and a great place for fans to meet each other, their favorite authors, and snarf lots of favorite books and art Still time to get in on the fun! Visit -- http://www.denvention3.org/ for details. Sharon and I between us will be on panels, give readings, have signings, and we'll be at parties to. On The SRM Publisher side we expect to have a Wednesday evening party including Lawrence M. Schoen, whose new SRM chapbook Buffalogistics should be breaking at the con. See the cover at srmpublisher.com ...

Later today, with luck, some comments from me on the poll you guys were so good about taking at ....

Oh yeah, with some workaround I have the Optia operational, so we'll see how that goes.
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