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it came out of the wordwork

From the ocean .... request from the authors
Lord Black Cat
Hi guys ...
we're here at the ocean and ... brainstorms have struck. One of these brainstorms needs to be done before Denvention so we can put it in gear there.

So we're in need of favorite sayings/one liners/ and/or short quotes... pithy things if you will, from your favorite Liaden books. Please feel free to list them here, along with book and chapter... if you happen to have an Ace copy handy, we could even use page numbers. If this is from a short story or novella not in one of the Ace books, just let us know what chapbook, magazine, or anthology you're quoting from ....

This is not exactly secret, but we're not going to tell you yet how we'll use these.

No prizes except the joy of sharing and the fun of the final use.

Friends of Liad, rev up your searches!

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