July 4th, 2008

Lord Black Cat

75 yards from the roaring surf...

Brief note ...

here I am 75 yards from the surf and 25 yards from the passing AMTRAK Downeaster ...
at the Dolce Crema. The trip down was quiet and lowkey...the big news so far besides that we're actually relaxing was the thunderstorm we enoyed at JJs ... until the guitarist had a burst of wind bring in enough rain to swamp his pretty Bose tower amp system our under the awning meal with music was great.

The Dolce Crema is about quarter mile from our slightly undisclosed location, and features italian soda and gelato ... and WIFI.

We haven't checked the mail yet, and won't today since Haysus the Asus is getting low on power.

Oh yeah, writing is going on between the walks on the beach, the fireworks, the walks around town, and the epic daily skeeball bouts at Palace Playland. With luck we'll be able to cash in all those tickets for ... I dunno.. maybe a imitation Frisbee?
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