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it came out of the wordwork

Didja know ...
So, didja know Saltation Chapter 19 has been up since last night?

Realio. See: http://www.korval.com/saltation/

Meanwhile, I spent much of Saturday engulfed in a chessic fog ... and came away from the Chess Maine championship with a score of 2-2 on the day, 1/2 point out of the money, which is not all that bad after an 8 year or more USCF lay-off. My best game... was a loss to a player rated on the order of 500 points more than me .. and it was a loss because of a final tunnel vision on my part after having pushed through what should have been a winning combination to queen a pawn... oh well. All about execution.

We're going to be AFK --- Away From Keyboard, that is, starting RSN. Catch you sometime next week if I don't catch you later today.