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it came out of the wordwork

Not quite musical -- yet
Lord Black Cat
Hey, I've been up for hours and look what i have to show for it!

Linux runs this....
first computers outplay chess players ...
soon, they'll outplay musicians?


Meanwhile, if you're in or close to Maine and want to play some chess next week...
http://chessmaine.net/chessmaine/images/chessmainechampionship.htm ...
I hope to be there..

Speaking of being there ... Denvention -- that's at http://www.denvention3.org/ -- still has room for artists, dealers, and above all, attendees ... we'll be looking froward to meeting some old friends and new, and there's still time to join this year's world science fiction convention before the price goes up in July. Next year the con is in Montreal, this year, in Denver. Day rates are now posted if you just want to drop in for a day or two.... Denver in August!