June 8th, 2008


Who let summer in?

We have closed up the house this morning, fairly tight, against the predicted 90 degree plus day and potentially unhealthy air. We're on a small ridge just over a mile west southwest of a weather-making hill that's about 200 feet higher than us that can bring us temps, and winds and calms, at odds with the general local predictions ... so if the prediction is for 90 we may get 84 briefly, or 94 all day. That's the same hill that helped wrap the ice storm around us a few years back, putting us dead center of the 7 miles worth of contiguous downed power lines...

Under "normal" circumstances of the last decade we'd just bop down to the ocean for a long day, but we're in the midst of two writing projects which cannot be denied, and the ocean .... has all the junk coming in from Kansas and points south, so the air quality there sucks, in any case.

Meanwhile, up the road a bit in St John, NB, they're calling for a high of 16C to 24C (inland) -- call it 60 to 75F -- when we win the lottery we'll definitely need to get a condo up north, too...

Theo and I started a nice conversation yesterday about how much she likes the Star King 6...which needs to get finished today.
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