May 21st, 2008


Briefly noted

Chess Monday was ... a good time, but my play didn't sparkle. That means I lost.

Seen in our backyard this morning: one turkey.

Heard on WFUV's internet stream yesterday: a new one from James McMurtry

and then there's this one by James:

careful -- this one's right on....

Seen at the feeder stations at the same time yesterday: one male evening grosbeak with a great red spot, one finch, distractingly yellow, one humming bird ... and a cowbird -- he got run over by a female grosbeak who misjudged the strength of a branch.

Caught Duainfey at 22,900 briefly on amazon briefly the other day... so someone ordered one I guess. Now ...oops, back to 319,000 and change. Well, there's time for a rush, only about 100 days to go. Those quarter years can go by quick when you're having fun.

And this seen, too, if you like Netflix --

and me to work.