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it came out of the wordwork

In search of -- searching
Here's a something to do on your coffee break:

Everyone, or almost everyone, uses Google. Sometimes, though, Google wears thin. So are there other search engines you'll use from time to time?

Here's a couple I've played with ...

Ms. Dewey is one ...

but wait, there's more! Don't use Ms. Dewey until you turn down your speaker just a bit, just in case...
and for some offices, she might draw a frown if a boss is nearby.


That's because Ms Dewey has been known to break into song, just because you've requested a search...and yes, sometimes she's a bit ... brazen. You can practice on "Liaden, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller" if you like


kartoo is a different kind of graphic search engine: not as noisy, and you've got to be willing to interact and make choices. Again "Liaden, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller" is a good first search...

Also, an interesting Google result:

Use Google, type in" saltation ... click on the first Lee and miller story link you find...

ah, I'd also suggest James Hetley, Lawrence Schoen, and Clarion West as potential kartoo searches...

And now, I ate my pumpkin donut, finished the day's second cup of coffee, so it is back to work.