May 13th, 2008


Feeling our oats

Feeling our oats...

Actually, that's oat cereal. You want to write good books you gotta eat good food. Or something like that.

It looks like the (Complete brand?) oat cereal we'd been eating has disappeared from the marketplace, as things will from time to time. So, we've been experimenting ... getting a somewhat passing grade so far are Barbara's Shredded Oats and Mother's Tasted Oat Bran. We use Cheerios from time to time, and now have Oatios to try. Displeasing to the point of feeding half the box to the birds -- Nature's Path Organic Mulitgrain Oatbran Cereal.

Chess last evening was disappointing; I played two rated games and lost them, though I wasn't blown out of the water, then I played a bunch of unrated games where I was ... really not sharp. Even the last one where I had a huge advantage .. and let my opponent get a stalemate. Got to slow down, looks like.

And looking ahead, I'm probably going to declare another break in Saltation, as in no Saltation next week, as I reread and go over the existing Longeye portions so we can rectify two plot problems we've just spotted before they bite us in the last chapter.