May 12th, 2008


And so ...

I hate it when software insists on updating itself when I'm in the middle of a project. Convenient? No.

I also despise APPLE for their sneak attack Safari-dumping. No Macs here, no IPhones, no silly little music boxettes, OK? My ears are clear. Safari is *not* what I want. I have Firefox 3 beta 5 running, I have the newest Opera running. Take a hike, Safari!

So, that said, I did manage to finally get the Saltation chapter up today, about an hour late. Even if it isn't as clean as it ought to be. Some drafts are like that.

Chess tonight. Maybe I'll get to try out my new digital clock. I kinda dislike digital clocks, which are hardly as readable as analog for someone who has been playing chess with *real* clocks for 43 years, but I'll need to have some experience with them if I want to TD these days. Progress.

Soon we'll have more info for you about the Write-a-thon for Clarion West. Wheee....

We see that Sony's online e-book store admits we exist:

A cute thing is to try searching on Steve Miller ...
if you find that page with a photo of a guy with no beard? That ain't me.

Hokay, away we go!