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it came out of the wordwork

On The Road Again
Second Life
Some things are happening, and some more things are happening...and after that, there's more to do...

Still gotta get the rest of the trash out.... and then, closing on the refi, which will take a few hours out of the day, which means I gotta get my act in gear and get out of here to get to Augusta on time. Wheee....

After this is out of the way, need to pack about 20 SRM Publisher orders by the weekend. I'm working on it.

Also, the SLBF2008 coupon on SRM Publisher's catalog goes over very soon, the day after Mother's Day.

Please see that comments on the following properly go elsewhere. Thank you, this is a recorded announcement. Nothing can go rwong.

Ok -- The beta for the new Fledgling page is up at http://www.korval.com/fledgling/index.php ...

we're taking comments on it at: http://community.livejournal.com/theo_waitley/59335.html which is part of the Fledgling community... thank you.

Now that the work on the Fledgling and Saltation stuff is proceeding I'm also going to be needing eyes and ideas for the rest of the Liaden and Lee&Miller stuff that's been allowed to get a midge behind the times.
Don't *do* anything yet, just think about it and then we'll get things moving ... perhaps on the FoL mailing list. Maybe on the Liaden spoilers list, if I can find that link... but not at the moment...

We're closing in on arrangements for a Friends of Liad breakfast at Worldcon. We'll need a central person/place to help with this, this time around, so we can coordinate space and time with the con committee to make this an official con-type event. In the past we coordinated a lot of these things through the Meisha Merlin table and network; that's gone. Do we have enough people planning on attending to put together a Friends of Liad fan table? We're still waiting on news about the party suites, alas.

Zoom ...
catch you all in a bit ...
and do cross fingers and toes, light candles, and think good thoughts for Jay Lake, who has cancer surgery coming up RSN: