May 3rd, 2008


Here's news ...

Sometimes I can't get to Locus immediately; I guess yesterday I should have because we were getting together Liaden Universe® Infodump #68 and you never quite know what news you need.

So I hadn't looked, and the Infodump went out. Later in the evening we sat around after dinner browsing the words we hadn't managed to clear off the table.. and there was Locus.

Sometimes I get grumpy because there's not much in it for me, but this time, there was. In this case, while patting ourselves on the back very gently when spotting the news that Lee & Miller had sold another Liaden book to Baen... always good to get ink! ... when we stumbled across the *fullpage* ad for Duainefey, which is coming up in September. Well, that was pretty cool!

And then, as I was reading along, I glanced at the Locus bestseller list, looking for works of friends and acquaintances. Wow -- a good month, with Anne and Todd McCaffrey up there on one list, Elizabeth Moon up on two...and all together I've been on panels with or otherwise met and spoken with or know around a dozen of the folks with books on the list this time.

Being in the business, as it were, I also look beyond the Top 10 or Top 5 and read the small print. This time I saw the small print there under trade paper and saw that there was a tie for runner-up and hey this is where the drama happens, where the books that almost made it sneak out! Right, and there was this tie for runner-up: China Miéville's Un Lun Dun from Del Rey was tied for 6th, as it were with Dragon Tide by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller ... from SRM Publisher.

Yep, that what it says, and you can mosey on over to Locus Online to see it for yourself: ...down in the fine print.

Coulda knocked me over with a bookmark.

Thank you, reporting specialty stores. Thank you, readers and fans. A tie for sixth ain't bad if you never even thought you were in the race...