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it came out of the wordwork

Reporting in
So yesterday we went to the B&N in Augusta, where the turnout for the educators day was modest at best; we sold a book or two, and proved to ourselves that the B&N cafe is not the ideal space to read.

Later we were much disappointed with Panera... the meal we had was good, but they were, for chef's sake, out of Swiss cheese and some other of what we'd call staples of a deli. On top of that, the crew was restless, as if some of the info -- like we've been out of Swiss cheese since 4 PM -- wasn't gettin relayed and this was causing additional problem. Very unlike the usual mode for the Augusta Panera, yessir.

Meanwhile the coupon SLBF2008 will be $6.99 toward an order at SRM Publisher catalog at srmpublisher.com for a few more days .. .but that's a one-use coupon per customer.

In other notes:
photos from the Nebula Awards 2008 ...

And looks like a heavy writing schedule this weekend...