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it came out of the wordwork

Book coupons and the usual chess news, too
So, over there at at Second Life, I gave about an hour talk on Saturday, as part of the Second annual Second Life Book Fair. The talk went well, with only a minor bobble on the voice stuff in the early going, and if you visit Publishing Island you can find both the "regular" SRM Publisher store as well as the booth Shawna and Anhayla were kind enough to put together for us for the fair. I hope those of you in world will take the time to drop by and visit.

The booth has images and links to a bunch of our books and online stuff, and still has a note about a coupon... good at the srmpublisher.com.

So, for the advertent, the coupon code is SLBF2008, and it was originally meant to be used for a free copy of The Tomorrow Log -- that is, free as in beer -- except that you still need to pay the postage. We still have some copies of The Tomorrow Log available, and at checkout entering the code ought to bring you a $6.99 discount. The trick is that I have expanded the coupon so it's good this week for a $6.99 break on anything on the SRM catalog, except postage.

Meanwhile, my morning check of things shows that we've got about 400 copies left of Liaden Universe Companion, Volume 1 -- mass market sized -- and with the costs of paper and shipping going up so rapidly I think the next printing, if there is one, will have to go to $12 to be practical. It's currently at $10, and since it carries within stories that took some folks years to accumulate in chapbook format, it's a great buy for readers catching up.

As a side note, with the recent hoorah about the Meisha Merlin warehouse close to mind, we have around 100 copies left of Partners in Necessity, a couple cases of The Tomorrow Log, and some Plan B trade paper and hardcovers, along with a dwindling supply of Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon, in trade size. Better buy it while we got it...

As for local stuff, it is raining hard at the moment -- it started last night while I was off at chess, making my ride home an adventure what with water-filled potholes and intermittent fog. As for chess, I lost my first few games but by the end of the evening was on a roll; I think it's been awhile since I've had multiple rated wins against Reverend Ed on the same night.

Tomorrow we're set for a gig in Augusta at B&N, around 5:30. There are door prizes for educators, and since the rain is now expected to continue only until midnight tonight it may be a great time for some lucky Liaden fan to come on out in the spring weather and win. We'd love to see you -- and if you read this blog, *do* introduce yourself!

Finally, I'm going to be participating in a fund-raiser for Clarion West. All details aren't set, but basically they have a write-a-thon where writers challenge themselves and ask folks to support the effort, with Clarion West getting $bucks to help the Workshop continue. My plan is to write a more or less hard sf story in the mode I was using when I started selling to Amazing ... who knows, it might work! Watch for details.