April 26th, 2008

Second Life

A blip and prep work

And so I was catching up on some needed net work around here and suddenly and without warning my internet connection went blooie ...

Not good, considering I'm on stage at 5 PM Eastern time over at Second Life's Publishing Island....
after 18 minutes of reboots and wire-checking and the like we're back online ... haven't had this kind of commotion in more than a year, I think.

Meanwhile, we're still go for the Barnes and Noble shindig next week -- a little road trip for us --
http://storelocator.barnesandnoble.com/eventdetail.do?store=2742&event=22714016 ... which is a *Be there or be square* event, fer sure. We'll be reading from Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon, and also talking about using science fiction in the classroom... If you're close enough in Maine, come on by, and if you know teachers, fans, or just plain readers who might be interested, drop them a note. This B&N has a brand new community relations manager and we'd love to see her get things moving in the area again.
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